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  • “Like Epicures once said, a good food, good friends and good wine is the perfect way to live the life.”- I wanted a place where I can enjoy and live my people.” the client Mr Yash Vasant briefed the concept for his house. “The house should be the place where I can take a pause from my daily routine, energize and get back to routine.” He added. Thus this became the purpose of build this weekend home. The client wanted his 3BHK with library hall, a home theatre and bar area included with common functions like living room and kitchen areas.

  • The plan of the house is simply distributed in two floors without disturbing each activity.  The ground floor of the house is consisting of the living room, kitchen and dining areas, bedrooms and library (study) areas. The first floor is provided with the Indoor Game Area, Lounge Area, home theatre and bar. The outdoors of each floors having good spaces where they can sit and enjoy the nature.

The Epicurus 36
The Epicurus 28
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The Epicurus 31
The Epicurus 29
The Epicurus 33
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