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Modern Apartment Block


This Project is Located at DIVARIO, UTAH, USA. Site is surrounded by the large hills and valleys. site is located besides to deep valley. The orientation of the buildings are placed parallel  to the contours.

Climate is Hot and Arid So, We have used Palms and Tropical Vegetation as a Landscape. Heat Resistant wall has been used int he building.

r5_41 - Photo
r4_33 - Photo
r3_26 - Photo
r4_32 - Photo
r4_31 - Photo
r3_25 - Photo
r3_24 - Photo
r2_11 - Photo
r2_12 - Photo
r1_7 - Photo
r1_6 - Photo
r1_2 - Photo
r1_3 - Photo
r1_1 - Photo
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